Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Isolationism [RANT]

You know one aspect of modern conservatives, especially fundamentalists, that I really dislike is this tendancy to isolate into Christian ghettos. Sure they emerge long enough to yell at people on the street and sure sometimes they find someone willing to be dragged down into the ghettos with them. But it is a long climb out. What fellowship does one have when all around them are only those who agree with every sentiment you express? The isolated lot suffer from this, and it robs them of their creative potential to reach the World that Jesus so loved. I am feeling a bit winded today because another of my friends who is stuck in such a system has decided I am too liberal for their liking. It is frustrating. It just plain sucks. Much as I hate isolationism as a philosophy, I hate it even more for the fact that it robs me of valuable friends and co-labourers in the Gospel. I've tried going after the system and it has just left me alienated. I've tried walking in both worlds, but always my cover is blown and I am thrust out of the ghetto. I don't mind being thrust out - but one of these times I would really like to drag a few good souls up to the surface. Maybe take them to where they can see the real freedom Christ brings.


Anonymous said...

It often goes both ways...

liberalism can also lend itself to isolationism. I'm not saying that either one is right. Christians should not be isolationists, but many tend to be. However, to promote "conservative" christians as the true isolationists is petty, at best.

One of Freedom said...

I wouldn't say that all conservatives are isolationists, but it is very prevelant. That is my world, I am a conservative Christian. I agree that liberals can basically lose all of their creative potential creating something just as bad as isolationism, but it is not the same thing as the isolationism found mostly in fundamentalist groups. So I would agree that we need something in the middle.

The reason for isolationism is rooted in a philosophy of fear. Fear the world, fear being led astray, fear the unclean. This is insidiously prevelant in conservative evangelicalism.