Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rik Rocks!

Ok - I am unabashadely biased. I know and love this Rik Leaf guy. His first solo CD is still one of my most frequent listens. And here he goes and sends me a copy of his latest disc - " is the winter of our discontent". It's another one for the car. (I hardly have anytime to listen to CDs unless I am in the car by myself, I only keep about 8 CDs in there at a time, so I am a bit picky). To put it bluntley - this is a great CD. And it is packed with musicky goodness! In fact there aren't any dud songs on the whole CD. Trust me I'd tell you if there were, I'm just that kind of guy.

OK so I wanted to highlight two songs that blew me away. What is very cool is that when I popped over to get the image for this post "Rather Be Held" started. It is as if the spirit of Martyn Bennett visited Rik in the studio and smiled on this one. And my favourite track of all on this CD is track 8 - "Learning to Let Go". When I heard this I could picture a little claymation Rik (in the style of Zara's awesome cover art) crawl out of my CD player, climb up my dash and sit there bobbing and weaving as he played out his heart - as only Rik can do. I could go on and on, but instead why don't you head on over to Rik's site and hear some of it for yourself! Thanks again Rik for the CD, I'm looking forward to when you're back our way again.

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