Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Need to Consolidate.

I've not been blogging here lately. I'm torn about my theological reflections and where to post them. The bulk of them end up on the ThoughtWorks blog, and I'll keep this blog for posts about things that I think might be too controversial for ThoughtWorks. Now that I'm done the PhD a lot of the time I used to spend here procrastinating the writing is being directed in other directions. I'm trying to get a gaming product launched on KickStarter, I'm doing all the business work as well as some of the design work so it feels good, but it is a lot of work. I'm also putting a lot of time into my teaching and building my teaching portfolio - the career needs to follow the PhD. And finally, my goal was to finish my PhD and remain married - I want to spend time enjoying the marriage we worked so hard to keep healthy during the stressful time of me being in school. 

Hence the need to consolidate, to focus my attention on what needs attending. To follow my theological reflections join me at ThoughtWorks. To follow my gaming life join me at the encounter cards blog (or my soon to be started game review blog - kickstarting is all about establishing social presence and reach).