Friday, June 30, 2006

[FUN] Jesus Style Pimpin'

Man this is just wrong! Thank's Kenny for the link.

[FUN] What we have been all waiting for...

Moltmann vs. Ratzinger

This is the big one folks. The crowd is immense today as these giants take to the field. Moltmann has come out swinging and Ratzinger has thrown down his miter to engage in theological hand-to-hand combat.

I really think this is no contest if you weigh both on the merits of their theological contributions, but being made Pope does tend to grant a degree of celebrity to a person.

Just to get you all caught up:

von Balthasar decimated Lubac.
Pannennberg destroyed Frei.

Brackets can be seen here.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

[FUN] Catholics and Protestants Unite..Please

The debate rages over the impact of modern day ultramontanism in the World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians. The controversy arose over the posting of links to the contest to several Ratzinger fan sites - yeah I had no idea either. The concern is that Ratziner as Pope Benedict has more traction then he did as Cardinal. I also can't get over that he gave some of my homeboys at Tübingen a hard time! But, that is really just water under the bridge now.

Moltmann took his heat against Congar, despite the Ratz-pack coming in at the last minute to support their Roman brother.
And Ratzinger dominated Gutierrez with the help of his Swiss guard and fans. Also it must have something to do with having much less creepy lips than Gutierrez.

Today two new heats began:
Jenson emerged onto the pitch with Tillich, someone is getting ripped a new one as the battle of the Lutherans begins!
And sporting spiffy well trimmed beards, Gunton and Zizioulas face off.

Looks like Niebuhr will have to accept the things he cannot change as the mighty Jüngel has prevailed.
Rahner showed Torrance what's what in their match, but will he be able to defeat the Jüngel?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

[FUN] Still Awaiting the final results

Moltmann is holding his ground with Congar in a fierce battle.
Ratzinger has called in his secret Swiss Infiltration units to boost his votes almost guaranteeing his win against Gutierrez. This was almost as unexpected as the Spanish Inquisition!

As we await these games to be called two other matches have begun.

Rahner has taken to the pitch against Torrance. Rahner is a veritable juggernaut who is used to being taken on in the theological arena, just ask Metz! Currently he is wiping the floor with Torrances shiny white collar!

Jüngel has thrown down with Reinhold, who says I'm lesser now punk, Niebuhr! You can bet he will help Jüngel to accept the things he cannot change in this showdown!

Updates to follow.

Monday, June 26, 2006

[FUN] The Battle Continues

The crowds cheer wildly as the final contestants walk onto the pitch. Dressed in full Papal splendor, Benedict nee Ratzinger steps up to the microphone, ready to do battle with Gutierrez. The Swiss guard surrounds the field as these two giants begin to gather the votes that will either sweep them into victory or relegate them to the sidelines of this important match!

On the other pitch, Moltmann, looking strong but tired from chairing a recent symposium, steps up to his microphone. His mind sharp and ready to decimate his robed opponent Yves Congar. Moltmann issues his first piercing question and the duel begins!

Patrik has offered brackets here for those following the game.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

[FUN] WCoMST 16 Theologians Continue

As the dust cleared only sixteen theologians remain to fight for the title. The last few days have been very exciting as many scrambled to try and catch up with Moltmann's lead. While the sixteen do represent a good cross-section of Christiandom, many were surprised to not see any women remaining. The feminist contingent has rallied behind Moltmann for the finals, as did Jürgen's wife - a formidable feminist theologian in her own right!

Jüngel took our Ruether.
And Ratzinger saved some face for Rome by defeating Hick.
Gutierrez barely defeated Zizioulas.
And Küng mystically edged out Schillebeeckx.
McFague didn't have a prayer against Jenson.
Frei narrated a grand victory against Lossky.

Our master list looks like this:
Jürgen Moltmann 9 +52
Robert W. Jenson 9 +51
Karl Rahner 9 +50
Wolfhart Pannenberg 9 +40
Hans Urs von Balthasar 9 +36
Joseph Ratzinger 6 +35
Eberhard Jüngel 9 +33
Colin Gunton 9 +23
John Zizioulas 6 +16
Reinhold Niebuhr 6 +15
Henri de Lubac 6 +9
Gustavo Gutierrez 9 +7
Hans Frei 6 +7
T.F. Torrence 6 +7
Hans Küng 3 +1
John Howard Yoder 3 –1
Yves Congar 6 –5
Paul Tillich 6 –5
Vladimir Lossky 3 –6
David Tracy 3 –15
Leonardo Boff 0 –16
Rosemary Radford Ruether 3 -17
Walter Kasper 0 –17
Edward Schillebeeckx 0 –24
Emil Brunner 0 –25
Gerhard Ebeling 3 –27
Dorothee Sölle 3 –27
Anders Nygren 3 –30
James Cone 0 –32
John Hick 0 -37
Mary Daly 0 –45
Sallie McFague 0 –48

Our contestants have been given a few grace days to rest up before they are thrown onto the battlefield once again.

In related news an ominous blimp has been circling the stadium, it is shaped like a giant koala bear, what could this mean?

Monday, June 19, 2006

[FUN] Standings So Far

The battle for Modern Systematic Theological supremacy continues! Here is a friendly reminder of the standings so far.

Jürgen Moltmann 9 +52
Karl Rahner 9 +50
Wolfhart Pannenberg 9 +40
Robert W. Jenson 6 +35
Hans Urs von Balthasar 6 +26
Colin Gunton 9 +23
John Zizioulas 6 +17
Ebehard Jüngel 6 +16
Reinhold Niebuhr 6 +15
Joseph Ratzinger 3 +12
Henri de Lubac 6 +9
T.F. Torrence 6 +7
Gustavo Gutierrez 6 +6
Hans Frei 3 +5
Rosemary Radford Ruether 3 +0
John Howard Yoder 3 –1
Paul Tillich 6 –5
David Tracy 3 –5
Yves Congar 3 –7
Hans Küng 0 –7
Vladimir Lossky 3 –8
Leonardo Boff 0 –14
John Hick 0 -14
Edward Schillebeeckx 0 –16
Walter Kasper 0 –17
Emil Brunner 0 –25
Gerhard Ebeling 3 –27
Dorothee Sölle 3 –27
Anders Nygren 3 –30
James Cone 0 –32
Sallie McFague 0 –32
Mary Daly 0 –45

In related news an unknown individual dressed in a koala costume has issued a challenge to the winner to come to a real contest in the outback of Australia. The identity of what some are naming a theoterrorist is as of yet unknown. However, Australians have reported several koala shaped blimps near Syndney.

More news as it breaks!

[UPDATE]Partial results have come in and the new matchups are posted!
Balthasar proved to Tracy that a cool name wins the day!
Congar and Boff fought valiantly, but Boff fell to the mighty Congarer!

UP next Jenson is a favourite over McFague, but Sallie will not give up without a fight!
Frei is fighting intensely againt Lossky.
Gutierrez is pitted against Zizioulas.
And heavyweights Küng and Schillebeeckx circle the arena looking for their opportunities to score!

The master stat list will be updated in a few days, updates on current matchups as we get them!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

[THO] When Charismatics Get It Right

Went to my friend Ahren’s church today. It was fun because Michel, one of my parishioners, came with us and we met up with our old friend Gerard. I was surprised to find Achen’ Dave doing worship and they also had a guest speaker lined up. Don Kantel who works with Iris Ministries.

What was neat was that Don is a Charismatic, unapologetically too. And he is doing the stuff! Specifically working with the poor and fatherless in Mozambique. It was like God was challenging my rant a bit. In fact as I think about it there are a number of Charismatics that I know about that are doing the right stuff. But they aren’t the most vocal ones.

In fact for the non-Charismatics I know doing the stuff, this also holds true. It is probably a good assumption that some of the best ministry happens in relative obscurity. And I think that is the way it is supposed to be. After all last Wednesday’s gospel reading was about doing these things in private looking for the rewards that come from God alone.

One other thing that I have been thinking about is that we seem to place a lot of weight on getting the understanding right instead of just doing. Our assumptions about orthodoxy have overshadowed our orthopraxy. I for one would rather have ten folks completely giving themselves for the poor than just one who has all the dots correctly placed on their theology. We can work on getting the ideas lined up better (as if any one of us has it all figured out anyway) but it is a lot harder to get the heart lined up.

[FUN] Moltmann Rocks!

While I was worshipping in church, our dedicated theologians were pit in battle on the pitch!
Pannenberg ripped Brunner a new one! Although his victory dance left much to be desired.
Lubac pummelled Ebeling into submission!
In the main arenas crowds were screaming as Moltmann showed Torrence what depth is all about!
And Cone bowed to the awesome force that is Dorothee Sölle! The cries of her faithful feminist supporters rivalled anything we have heard so far in this contest. After she took her place in the fan box for Ruether who is about to give the Bishop of Rome more than he bargained for.
Also beginning their contest on this day of worship we have Hick about to face the Jüngel! It remains doubtful that Hick will emerge from this contest.
Tracy is up against Balthasar, many an RC fanboy has had a tough time deciding who to root for this day.
Congar is about to decimate Boff!

As always we have all the updates soon as they come in!

In a shocking turn of events, two of yesterdays matchups were cancelled. Somehow the jugdes had made an oversight and duplicated an earlier matchup. Screams of "foul" and "you wouldn't have this problem if you had a woman on the board!" Were heard from some of the more extreme supporters of Ruether (thankfully the more level heads realized that this error really had nothing to do with gender). Ratzinger was escorted off the field after blindly swinging away in his match, trying once again to make a stand for Rome.

The corrected matchups began right away:
Ruether is going to show us what a woman can do with the Jüngel!
And Ratzinger was relieved to be facing a less formidable opponent.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

[THO] Should I cry? (rant)

I was enjoying Chris's last little blog effort on Crazymatics (that is Charismatics who behave in embarrassing ways). The thing is that I am a Charismatic, at least experientially. I have no problem praying for healing, dealing with spirits and moving in the prophetic. However, these things quickly become wacky when a few simple realities aren't checked. The first is the myth of unmediated access simply has to be recognized. The moment we think we are a pure conduit of the un-interpreted word of God, then we should probably sit down and shut up before someone gets hurt. Seriously. This is one of the biggest problems I have with Charismata as it is practiced in the Pentecostal/Charismatic church. Just because you see a miracle or two doesn't mean all of a sudden you are king, at least if Jesus relinquished that position He failed to inform the rest of His Church.

The second is learn how to read the Bible. Man nothing is more annoying than someone stringing random verses together to try and make a point that the authors of those verse would have cringed to see. If you want to interpret the scriptures for the Church then you better be willing to put in the time studying. Read the scriptures in context. Let them change you, instead of always trying to back up your own wacky ideas. I got yet another frustrating email from some Mary who I am sure means well but is really not doing herself or others any favours pointing people to this crap. I get these periodically, guess that is part of the burden of pastoring in a denomination that has a Charismatic reputation. What is worse her message was directed to our church and warned our church to get out of the church because there are no God called pastors in the church??? I only got that far before writing her back with a terse little "you've mistaken me for someone else" letter.

Sometimes I can laugh about this, but the thing is it is really frustrating. One of Chris's respondants made an interesting point, he wasn't aware of any Charismatics that were really doing work with the poor or people on the margins, that it was really just self-indulgent crap they were into. Having been involved in renewal movements I would say that a lot of it is self-indulgent crap. We started to realize that if after a year you are just flopping like a flounder everytime someone prays for you, but nothing else has changed in your life - something is not right.

OK here is the frustrating part. I like it when God shows up and floors me. The rare occasion it happens I usually end up on my face, or crying out loudly even. I love the times I've been in prayer rooms so thick with God's presence the only thing you can do is crawl under, yes under, your chair. I love seeing healings, deliverances, words that change lives, etc. I love this stuff. But that stuff isn't what it is all about. That's the third problem. We've mistaken the gifts for God and missed what God really wants to do.

I would get angry when folks in the renewal would start telling us it was now a revival. You don't get to name that - God does. And if it is a revival then folks are going to be changed. They are going to go out from the Church and feed the poor, find the lost, heal the sick, free the prisoners, love the unloved, and all the things that Jesus longs to do in our world! And if it is a revival then people are going to respond, they will come in and go out just like the rest. Until that happens all you have is a bless-me club. And that is what gets me angry. We have reduced the gospel until it has been completely stripped of power.

Sure you might think that is power knocking you to the ground. And it is. But it is nothing compared to what God really wants to do, and what God is trying to get your attention to do.

So the next time you end up in a meeting where God is present in a 'Charismatic' way. Do everyone a favour, especially yourself. Open up your ears to hear what God is really saying. I am convinced it will be more like "don't be afraid" instead of the fearmongering that is usually passed off in His name. And it will be "don't be afraid" for a reason - you will be about to enter the most challenging time of your life; as Christ is sent to the World so are you.

[FUN] WCoMST takes the field with a Silent Cry

As we await the results of the day 8 matchups, a new group of brave theologians have entered the pitch.

In the main arena we have Moltmann already delivering the smack-down on Torrence, ouch!
Sölle has emerged onto the field with her silent cry that is sure to crack James' Cone of silence. Definitely there will be a lot of suffering in that area.
Scanning the crowd Sölle seems to have a lot of supporters, is that Joan Chittister with the big "You Go Girl!" placard, yes, I believe it is. And there are more, Fiorenza, Gebera, Eaton, wow a whole crowd has turned out to root for her! Looks like the venerable member of the great cloud of witness has gotten herself a great cloud for the day. Fight well good sister, fight well.

In the second arena we have Pannenberg serving up a bit of Brunner for the crowds.
Lubac and Ebeling seem to be well matched, but with so many heavyweights not many have turned out to see what happens here.

Well it is still anybody's game folks, get over to Patrik's blog and support your favourites.

[UPDATE]Fans roared as Rahner scored the last goal, his cry of "I'll show you mystical!" threw the crowd into a ecstatic uproar that was slightly reminiscent of a Pentecostal youth ralley in full glossilalic steam! Nygren sunk to his knees in defeat and it is rumoured he is on his way to a monastary to recover!
The lesser of the Niebuhrs has proven he isn't the lesser theologian on this battlefield! As it became apparent that Daly was severely beaten twenty crazed koalas descended onto the field. Niebuhr showed his attackers what a Christian strong in the Lord can really do and threw each of them to the ground while literally tearing their leatherbound outback copies of Pure Lust! We have to assume he was just a bit upset that Daly would bring backup. When the dust cleared Daly was nowhere to be seen. In related news a large black and white blimp was seen heading from the arena towards Australia, what could this mean?

On the secondary pitch Gunton trounced Tillich in a suprising upset, and Yoder eliminated Kasper who was booed off the pitch by a concerned group of Anglicans led by Bishop Tom Wright! News is that Rome is not taking this further loss well.

Friday, June 16, 2006

[THO] WCoMST Daly brings bears!

It is day 7 of the World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians. The newest contestants have made their way onto the pitch. The lesser Niebuhr stretches as he prepares to face Koala Queen Mary Daly. Niebuhr may be a favourite in this matchup but there is no telling what that angry looking mob of koalas will do if he defeats their queen!
Rahner came onto the pitch swinging, his first blow knocked Nygren right off his feet and he has yet to get back up. It is the oddest sight to see kicking Nygren and yelling “bourgeois this!” This could get messier than the koala bears folks!
Over in group Augustine things are looking downright civilized. Tillich and Gunton seem well matched at this point; Tillich might be a slight favourite in the match.
Yoder faces Kasper who is desperately trying to put his recent comments about the Anglican ordination of female bishops behind him.

As always we will keep you posted.

Küng did not expect the sleeper hold!!!! Zizioulas takes down one of the arguably most recognizable names in theology. What a match!
Gutierrez liberated his victory from Schillebeeckx!
Frei stood around in net telling himself stories while Jenson danced his way to victory!
McFague had a rough go yet again as Lossky more than doubles her score!
McFague was sporting a shirt that says "Rosemary Radical Ruether Rocks!" That's the spirit!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

[THO] Reading Strategy

Last semester I realized just how ineffective my reading strategy was. The problem is that the more I read the more I have trouble remembering where I read something. This was very apparent when I was preparing a biographical essay on Count Nicholas Zinzendorf. I had a lot of sources and ended up reading, re-reading and often re-re-reading them to find that one piece of information I knew I had read somewhere. I am convinced my paper suffered for this, even though I did get a good mark on it.

I need a plan.

I want to work on a new strategy this summer. I need to not be tied to dragging my laptop with me as I plan on bussing to school this year for the extra reading time. So it has to be in a notebook. I've done scraps of paper, writing in the book, highlighters, sticky notes, etc. But I need something comprehensive and that I can begin practicing with everything I read so that I can use the material easier as my courses advance. I think this is going to be indespensible when I start graduate work.

So here is where I would love some suggestions. What do you do when you read a book? How do you make sure you aren't wasting your time getting ready to re-read massive portions of key texts? Is there a secret technique you are willing to share with me and my readers? I am hoping to work this out over the summer as I get ready for the fall semester.

Thanks in advance!

[THO] WCOMST Continues

Though the contestants are tired they continue to battle on.

Ruether absolutely destroyed Hick to be our first female winner, I am relieved to see the feminist theologians represent.
Despite the intimidation of the Swiss Guards Jüngel managed to put the Bishop of Rome in his place, back in his pontifical chair apparently and perhaps out of this contest.
Boff was unable to buff up his presentation enough to beat Balthasar (I still think his name would make a great Battlestar!).
Congar and Tracy fought well, but eventually Yves Congared Tracy!

Today's matchups prove to be interesting as well.
McFague has thrown into the ring against Eastern contender Lossky, it will be close but I predict a lossky for Lossky.
Frei is attempting to narrate his way around Jenson, currently they are neck and neck as they go head to head in the arena!
The ever popular Küng is fighting hard to hold his ground against the double-Z Zizioulas. Many are hoping he won't forget to use his Küng-pow to deliver the final knock out (Zizioulas will be catching some much needed extra-Zs)!
And it looks like Schillibeeckx hasn't eaten any wheatibeckx this morning as Gutierrez shows him the triumphs of liberation theology!

Keep watching folks, the battles have really just begun!

[DDM] Skullrunner

All this talk of World Cups got my creative juices flowing and out came Skullrunner, Soccer for Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures. This is the fourth of my scenarios published by Wizards of the Coast, it is pretty exciting. I am trying to write about one a month, which is quite a task. Each one requires a lot of contemplation as well as playtesting. Both things that are hard to accomplish with a 6 and 3 year old running around. Right now as we type I have a 6 year old spinning around in my office singing 'twinkle, twinkle little cat!' I can't help but smile, but at the same time it really makes it hard to keep a train of thought. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Skullrunner. I'm going to run this one soon in our local DDM group. It's gonna be fun - if you are interested let me know and I'll add you to our mailings. We play various forms of DDM almost weekly. Even though we've been playing a fair bit of Injurious Games since CanGames. Rumour has it that I am officially listed as a playtester for their newest offering - Heroes of the Empire! Sweet.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

[THO] WCoMST brings us Ratz in ze Jüngel

I can almost no longer bear to watch as Moltmann dominates Sölle in the arena. Sölle is ever graceful, but it is just hard to watch. Patrik, seeing our plight, offered up the next set of matches and they look like doozies!

In the main arena we have Jüngel vs. Ratzinger. How fitting a contest that will be. I am torn actually as I disagree with a lot of Ratzinger's stances but he is not a theologian to be taken lightly.
I predict that Rosemary will be our first female winner as she kicks Hick's arse all around the arena. This will be at least one of our most entertaining matchups!
Group Ephrem will be scrapping today with Balthasar vs. Boff and Tracy vs. Congar.

Highlights as soon as yesterday's matchups conclude.

[UPDATE] Both Moltmann and Sölle know a lot about suffering, Sölle has been gracious in the suffering of her loss. What an epic battle!
Torrence blew away Cone while thing just didn't Pann out for Ebeling.
Lubac and Brunner were cheered on to the closest of these matches. But it seems their battle was short lived in our memories as we turn to the epic struggle of Jüngel vs. Ratzinger, everyone wants to know if the Bishop of Rome will survive in the Jüngel! My money says he'll be sent back to Rome with only his Papal title this year.

[UPDATE] The Bishop of Rome is making headway against Jüngel boys early lead. We are in for a fierce heat today folks, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. The Swiss guards have surrounded the pitch and keep staring menacingly at Jüngel which has led to our first allegations of interferance. Surely they would never try anything with the thousands of spectators watching from the stands - hey if you are watching why aren't you voting!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[LIF] Twisting words bites

OK, I laughed my behind off with this. This takes my rant against prooftexting to a whole new level! Remember those really important songs, the ones that like change the world. Yeah, don't twist words man it's just bad.

[THO] Aspirations

Even though we are having a spot of fun with the World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians it has sparked a bit of reflection on my part about the roles of aspiration. I know that aspiration is a dirty word in some Christian contexts, often mistaken for pride and selfish ambition. But I can’t help wondering at how these great theological voices perceived themselves prior to their renown?

I would suspect that many of them never set out to be ‘the’ next voice in theology, in fact a great many of them can distinctly trace their influences. But what is it that they set out to do that led them on the course towards greatness?

Indeed it isn’t simply becoming a theologian. We often joke about career options upon completion of our various theological degrees as St. Paul. I don’t really have to worry having already embarked on a career in pastoral ministry. But that isn’t why I entered into theology – I really want to teach. Regardless of fame, I want to be one of those who shape the generation that comes after me. I want to see them reach greater heights for Christ and I want to see the Church become all she can be, all that God has in His heart for her. That is the best I can do to name my own aspiration.

As I keep glimpsing the lives of those great women and men of God who have gone before me, I wonder how many had similar aspirations to me. I also wonder of those how many really speak to generations instead of congregations. Maybe we miss a lot of really important voices along the way. It is amazing how few of the voices in the WCoMST I am really familiar with. Boy do I have a long way to go. Here’s to the journey, and to the aspirations that keep us travelling.

[THO] WCoMST tumbles into madness

Sheer madness I tell you! Two venerable warriors entered the pitch, Jürgen Moltmann (my homeboy) and Dorothee Sölle (my homegirl). This will prove a furious battle. Both write with poetic elloquence. Both bring the sometimes esoteric world of theology into the frontlines of life - calling us to really think about what a committment to Christ is all about. Both have excited me with their writings. I look around my room and realize Sölle is absent from my shelves, a few mere chapters sit in a pile of photocopies from my studies. A pang as I realize the need to rectify this as soon as possible. Behind me, always at my back (and often in my bookbag) sits Moltmann. Ahhh, yes this is where my vote has to go. I am deeply sorry Dorothee - see you in glory, I know you are already saving a place for me.

I shift my view over to the other battle of the day, why do Torrence and Cone both make me think of whirlpools. No matter, I am sure they will work it out on their pitch.

[UPDATE] In my Moltmannian frenzy I completely missed that there were games in the other stadium. Who could blame me really. However, these are not light matchups. The ever popular Pannenberger should easily dispatch Ebeling, but you can be sure Ebeling will put up a good fight towards the end. Lubac might have given Rome lots to think about but Rome often has a hyperinflated opinion of itself and its place in Chrissendom. I predict a solid victory for Brunner. Unfortunatly my reporters have yet to return from Australia so please excuse my focus on the main event in the JM vs. DS smackdown arena!

[UPDATE] The match ups this year are intense. Never has there been such ferocious theologizing on the pitch. It is as if all the rules of engagement are thrown out the window as these great men and women have at it on the playing field. Who will emerge as the ultimate 20th Century systematic theologian is anybodies guess.

Our intrepid reporters have returned from Australia, but no sign of that solitary Daly vote. Seems the koalas have been formed into a mercenary army armed only with their trusty outback leatherbound editions of Pure Lust. Let me tell you folks it is not a pretty sight. Almost as ugly as Daly's defeat at the deft hands of Karl Rahner. Oh the humanity of it all!

The lesser of two Niebuhrs made great strides against poker great Scotty Nguyen, uh I am sorry that was Anders Nygren (who was he again?).
Kasper put up a grea fight against Tillich, but midway through the fight Tillich delivered a kidney blow to Kasper which secured him the victory. These fights are nasty folks, just plain nasty.
Gunter and Yoder shot their way out of obscurity, Gunter earned himself the nickname Gunter the Hunter and Yoder became his first prey.

Things continue to heat up on the running games. Moltmann and Pannennberg are both dancing all over their opponents. It is still early folks and anything can happen. Get on over to the shrinkzone to weigh in for your theological favourites!

Monday, June 12, 2006

[LIF] Bibliophile

I made a new friend through the blogosphere, Kenny. I would recommend highly his post on Pope's article about Nietzsche that was posted on Mark Driscoll's blog. He captures much of what I was getting at with my post about prooftexting, at least in how Christians improperly use source materials.

Kenny is a self-declared bibliophile, a lover of books. I must admit that books are a passion of mine as well. I think he does a better job of reading them, I seem to do a great job of collecting them but a horrible job of reading them. I would be ashamed to say what portion of my growing library (500+ volumes when I counted it last year) I have actually read. You might have noticed the Library Thing link, that is merely a selection of some of the more interesting titles in my collection.

Well I finally took Kenny's advice and visited Benjamin books in the Rideau Centre. I was walking home from a gig playing for a urban mission I really love and dropped in on this wonderful little store. They had The Lonergan Reader for $9, I might have to return for that one. I couldn't resist Paul Ricoeur's "The Rule of Metaphor". I love Ricoeur as a theologian so I am sure I will appreciate his philosophy, after all he really is a philosopher. Thanks for the tip Kenny. Keep your hands off that Lonergan Reader!

The other odd little book I picked up recently is "The History and Social Influence of the Potatoe". It was at our church yard sale and I laughed so hard I had to buy it. So cool.

[THO] The fighting continues for the WTC!

Over at the World Theology Cup it is getting nasty!

Schillebeeckx lost to a theologian with two Zeds in his name???
Frei narrated his own victory against ecofeminist McFague!
Jenson showed the East what’s what!
But Küng and Gutierrez fought fiercly, with Liberation spelling victory for Gutierrez! What a match that was, the crowd was on the edge of their seat at every vote. There will be more dynamite matches like that one in the future we can be assured!

More matches underway as Daly fights for her life. Round 2 is underway, you predict who will emerge victorious on this field of battle!

[UPDATE] Breaking news, satellite imagery has revealed a lone supporter of Mary Daly deep in the woods near Syndney, Australia! A team of reporters has been dispatched but have only found huge hordes of deadly koalas in that area. Suprisingly each of these cute but deadly bears was sporting a copy of Pure Lust, the special outback leatherbound edition. What could this all mean?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

[LIF] Church Garage Sale

We had a church garage sale today to raise money for the foodbank near where we are meeting as a church. We rose just shy of $330 selling off our old stuff, which is amazing! What was amazing was seeing our community working together to do something good and really having a great time with it. Lots of people were really blessed that we were doing this to raise money for charity – one lady brought us some stuff from her home to sell as well. That was so cool. I was also blessed by the fact that despite the truly miserable weather we had Friday, it was overcast but for the most part dry all morning today. What an awesome answer to prayer. We took lots of pictures so I’ll have to post a few when I get them from Gabriel.

Friday, June 09, 2006

[THO] World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians

I am really enjoying the matches over at Patrik's blog. It just cracks me up that he would think of doing this. Moltmann all the way baby! I'll have to run a commentary at some point. I must admit I know about 1/4 of the theologians listed, yikes. I've been wiki'ing the ones I've never heard of which is really fun. Always looking for a Tübingen connection!

First round was amazing!
Gunton suprisingly upset Kasper!
Yoder presented a fine showing against heavyweight Tillich, but not strong enough!
Rahner, the crowd favourite trounced the lesser Niebuhr!
Daly really couldn't hold he own against Nygren (I must admit to moving on the the exciting Rahner-Niebuhr contest myself).
Ebeling proved that the master can overtake the teacher!
and as expected Pannenburg was kicking it oldschool over Lubac who was an early game favourite.

Anything can happen as the Freedom Log favourite as entered the playing field. I predict Moltmann and Sölle will dominate for team (Pseudo)-Dionysios!

Moltmann! Moltmann! Moltmann! Moltmann!
I'd call him the dominator, but that would just be wrong considering his theology. But Moltmann did not dissappoint his fans as he soundly smote Cone. (Sorry Cone but you didn't stand a chance against this heavy weight).
Unfortunatly Molty's running mate Dorothy Sölle did not manage to win, but she put in a good fight. (Obviously eloquence did not count enough in this match up!)
von Balthasar defeated Congar, I would have voted for Congar but Balthasar is just too much of a hip Battlestar Galactica worthy name! Damn my fickle voting patterns.
In other news Tracy boffed Boff.
The Ratz boy proved once again the papal annoyance at feminist theologians as he spanked the ever powerful Rosemary Radford Ruether with ever un-Pope-like behaviour.
And voters clearly showed that the would prefer to be in the Jüngel rather than in Hickville. Can't say as I blame them.

This is getting tense folks, almost every participant has been on the field once. Head on over to see the excitement for yourself. The big question on everyones mind is how Kung will fare on the liberation front, I predict this one will not be pretty!

Monday, June 05, 2006

[LIF] Con Man Strikes Again!

You might remember that last year we were taken by a con man. I just got the sad news that another Ontario Vineyard has had the misfortune of this guys visit. Luckily we have a picture now, unluckily he stole a check from them and forged himself a grand. This guy was very good, took a PAOC church before us and could talk the "church lingo" wherever he went.

If you see him don't hesitate to inform the police. We have a case open on him and now there is one down Toronto ways. His MO was that he came into the country and was robbed at the airport, lost his ID. He is super friendly and talks a up a storm. He made several fake phone calls from our place, and even had someone call for him. So he is likely not working alone. I don't think he is dangerous, except to your pocket book. The odd things all really added up after he had disappeared.

The ironic part is that he never really took anything from us that we wouldn't have given if he'd asked. Sure we wouldn't have been too happy about him running up a hotel bill like he did, but it was only money. When I got news of this I was sad again, not so much that he ripped off my brother (which does make me sad) but that he is still caught up in a web of sin. How sad is someone who has to prey on the people who only want to give? If you do nab him, please let me know.