Monday, January 23, 2006

Voting Blues

Went to vote today. It was surreal actually. I was pretty sure I was going to vote strategically, but staring down at the ballot I could only vote with my heart. See I hate this idea that there is a wasted vote. The only reason that illogic has legitimacy is that so many people buy into it. So if I'm going to complain about how seriously stupid that notion is then how can I give into it? I can't. So I voted for the party that I would like to see get some seats but I am sure won't get too many, especially in Ontario.

This is the first election I actually visited the alternative option websites for. You know there really isn't a great option in Canada. At least not for someone like me who is too socialist for the Conservatives and too distrustful of government for the NDPs. I think if the Liberals kicked out Martin and got someone who wasn't touched by the scandals they'd do just fine. Not that I think Martin is all that bad - despite what everyone wants you to think. Anyway, I couldn't vote for the Liberals either - just too nasty a campaign. You know the nastiness of this is too much like American politics for me - it makes me sick to my stomach. Anyway, I'll leave you guessing who I voted for, I voted, felt aweful after, and still don't feel so hot. God help Canada.

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