Friday, August 03, 2007

[LIF] Moi, je parle en francais...sort of

Learning a langauge in a short amount of time is hard. Doing it when your family expects you to be on vacation with them is even harder. I'm pretty happy with my progress, but I am cramming a lot at night trying to make the most of internet and film resources. When I listent to french I no longer feel like I have no clue what is going on, but I still know that I don't understand that much. It is like the feeling I get listening to spoken German, I feel like I should understand it but it is just outside of my grasp. I'm taking that as progress. However, the real test is coming, literally. I write a comprehensive french competency test on Tuesday at 1PM. The school only cares about reading and passive listening. I've been focusing on these two things more than writing or speaking. In fact I have a lot of hesitation in speaking. Sure I can fumble together crude thoughts but maybe it is my pride that keeps me from stepping out. It will come though.


DMofKor said...

Je te félicite et je t'encourage a continuer. Tu as fais du progrès dans les derniers mois. Ne sois pas trop fier devant moi et Gabe, tu peux nous parler en français. Nous sommes ici pour t'encourager.


One of Freedom said...

Merci beaucoup Steve. What I need is a casual setting where I can take my time and speak. I hope we can find some spaces like that in the future. It has been a busy summer so far. Thanks for the encouragement.

Tim Kantel said...

"Sure I can fumble together crude thoughts but maybe it is my pride that keeps me from stepping out."

Now I'm not sure why you'd want to think crude thoughts in French but hey..go for it man if that's what you want. Don't let pride hold you back!


...Sorry I couldn't resist being cheeky on a warm Saturday afternoon. Seriously you're doing an amazing thing taking on a new language. As I mentioned to you I spent a lot of years in French Immersion in school and unfortunatley have forgotten a lot of it due to not using it regularly. Practice and consistency is key in retaining it in my opinion and it sounds like you're well on your way.

Well done Frank!