Friday, August 17, 2007

[LIF] Gone Marrying

It is not for lack of things to say that I've been silent. I'm about to perform my very first marriage tomorrow and have been a bit busy learning the chops. I'm joining two dear friends from my gaming community and I'm really stoked. Plus we are doing it at some really spiffy digs - the National Arts Centre. Not bad for my first eh? Anyway, in case you missed me, I'm hoping to get back to a sanity sometime next week.

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Hank said...

My wife and I have been pastors for 12 years, but no marriages. Plenty of funerals, baby dedications, membership enrollments, but no weddings. We got close once. Did the premarital counseling, but the couple didn't follow through (at least, not with us).

Nothing for twelve years. Then in April we did our first. Followed in June by assisting with another. We just got back late last week from performing a vow renewal service for a couple celebrating their 60th anniversary.

Either feast or famine, man.