Thursday, August 23, 2007

[LIF] 17+ years...great to see you David!

When I first moved to Ottawa I went to a little Foursquare church with my, at the time, girlfriend. Soon after I connected strongly with a Foursquare street mission and worked with that church for almost two years. So I never put down roots in this other Foursquare church, even though it was my first Ottawa church and the second church since coming to Christ. I actually look back with fondness to those days. They were formative to my spirituality. Pastor David Kitz was the pastor then and he is a neat guy. Over the years I heard snippets of what he was up to, the church was taken over by the parents of my good friend Isabel. David went on to write a book and take on a drama ministry (which I hear is really good, I'll let you know as I snagged some CDs).

I went over with a bit of fear and trepidation. You might recall from previous posts that my reconnections with folks from my Pentecostal past hasn't always been pleasant. It is not fun being written off simply because I happen to think the whole Church is a wonderful body and bride. But my fears were dispelled when David's smile met me at the door to his home. Thanks to facebook we reconnected and it is so cool to hear his journey, and how God has brought him into a much broader place too.

What was most encouraging is our discussion of the Eucharist. I know that there is a growing sense of Euchristic desire in the evangelical church. The reign of Zwingli is of numbered days for the younger evangelicals, and I say 'good riddance!' I heard his caution as he unfolded the story of his journey, but there are definite cracks in the foundation of flat symbolism that Zwingli willed the protestant church. We are longing for real encounter, real presence.

So thanks David! Thanks for the coffee and the talk. I was blessed and I hope we don't wait another 17 years to do that again.

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