Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[LIF] Angst

I have an interesting feeling inside today. I think it is from being overwhelmed. I went into the school yesterday and it was a good thing, they had tried to put me in Ethics instead of Systematic and Historic Theology! Yikes. It meant they were having trouble getting me registered on the computer - that is a good thing in this case. But today I got my schedules sorted out and of course things have shifted. This is frustrating because it means we have to coordinate child care. It is a bit frustrating as we haven't got news of a placement yet for Chelsea and she starts really soon! So do I for that matter.

A bright spot, we finally connected with Yvonne and Jason Parks. After a few years of emailing Yvonne (I started it asking for chord charts for one of her songs) we finally got to meet. Jason is a great guy, I can see us hanging out. Yvonne made awesome strawberry smoothies and our girls (we have a set the exact same age!) got along great. Thanks for having us over guys, hope we can do it again soon.

It was a bit frustrating to leave their nice new neat and tidy home and come back to the disaster we call a home. I have been cleaning my office (just taking a quick break to blog) and am overwhelmed by how messy the whole place has gotten. I'm not the best at getting the kids to clean their rooms, Elyssa is better now but at the mere mention of cleaning Chelsea prostrates herself and begins moaning, "I'm too tired to clean." In fact one afternoon I put her in her room clean only to find her sleeping when I checked up on her later! Unbelievable.

The kids come by it honest. Sharon and I are both naturally disorganized people. I like an organized chaos around me, but when you introduce other people in the mix it quickly spirals out of control. It is no use kicking the kids out of my office, they just come back minutes later - usually depositing more little bits of toys and paper! I usually have the main level cleaned for games nights, but that is often an exercise in herding cats. "Kids pick up the livingroom!" I'm at my worst when it is an hour before folks arrive and the house is still upside down.

Well, best get back to cleaning. I fixed up my Library Thing, should be a pic for each book. Now I'll focus on getting the right pic for each book. I scanned in ~130 covers the other day. Can you say procrastination? Oh, just on que Chelsea has come down from her "attempt" to clean wanting to snuggle - procrastination runs deep in times like this.

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