Monday, August 20, 2007

[LIF] I Passed My Exam!!!!!

Just got the results. The requirement of passive French comprehension has been met! Wow, I am so relieved. Thursday I go in to complete the enrollment and in two weeks I'll be starting classes. I've still a long way to go, two of my classes this semester are in French! That is going to be crazy. I still struggle with spoken French, but it is coming along. Watching the news helps.

I've started a new experimental blog. One of the things that I've found helpful in my Christian walk is randomly showing up at a church and praying in the sanctuary. Most churches are tickled pink to have someone come in off the street to pray. I usually poke my head in the office and ask if it is ok, then go and enjoy God in their place. I love that about St. Paul, there are a few great chapels to use in this way. Often I'll go into one and pray through the daily office, out loud if I'm alone. I'm looking for ways to replicate such experiences online. So I created a blog a while ago called the Praying Pastor. Then I thought, "what an arrogant name for a blog."

Well, it might be, but my disclaimer is that I'm not a super prayer, or even a consistant prayer. But I do believe in praying and I thought that I could create a space for public prayer online. So this is my space. But like any good chapel, I'm opening it up. You can join in the prayers through comments. Or even become a member of that blog (Blogger) to just pray out your own prayers as you feel fit.

Who knows, maybe it will fizzle as an experiment? But it is worth a try. Please be respectful that it is a prayer room and not a conversation room. If I get questions or comments, I'll likely port them to this blog for discussion.

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