Saturday, February 11, 2006


I am digging into the history of this wild man for Jesus. It is pretty cool. I am struck by how some put his forward as a pioneer for ecumenism - bet my Moravian idolizing friends wouldn't have seen that coming. But it makes sense, there were a number of groups at Hernhutt and Zin helped them get along. What is pretty cool to me is that he did this by calling them to prayer as the common bond (yeah I know it isn't that simple, there was an article of faith, etc. but I am still at the romantic stage of this research). It was prayer that went 24/7 for over 100years straight. How cool is that. Not only did this prayer bring unity but it also fueled and launched Zin's desire to touch the nations.

Just watched a National Film Board film on the Moravians in Labrador, I was truly impressed that they would preserve the Inuit language and actually taught school in Inuit! That is until the Canadian government schools came in and began teaching primarily in English.

I know I have lot of Free Methodist and Wesleyan friends out there - I love the Moravian influence on young John Wesley. His first trip to the 13 Colonies was a dismal failure because he just plain sucked as a minister. But after taking ahold of the Moravian zeal he was radically changed and I would say changed the world in his day. Ironically whenever Zin went out on missions he just had no ability as a missionary, kinda like young John. God indeed has an awesome sense of humour.

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