Friday, February 03, 2006

Amill, as if...

Most of the questions didn't really work for me, but the results were interesting.

You scored as Amillenialist.

Amillenialism believes that the 1000 year reign is not literal but figurative, and that Christ began to reign at his ascension. People take some prophetic scripture far too literally in your view.

Amillenialist 85%
Moltmannian Eschatology 65%
Preterist 60%
Premillenialist 30%
Postmillenialist 20%
Dispensationalist 10%
Left Behind 10%

Left me going hmmmmm. I always thought of myself as Historic Pre-mill (Ladd) with definite Moltmannian influences, but there was not enough framing of the Kingdom of God in the questions. I don't consider myself Amill at all.

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One of Freedom said...

I did it again and came up with similar results:

Amillenialist 70% (lower)
Moltmannian Eschatology 65% (same)
Premillenialist 45% (higher)
Preterist 30% (not even sure what this is?)
Left Behind 20% (ich, what about my right cheek?)
Dispensationalist 15% (not I)
Postmillenialist 10% (we missed it?)

I really wish that it had some more Kingdom categories, not once was I asked about the tension of realized and unrealized eschatology (Ladd). The assumption seems that either you saw it all now or all later not both. Perhaps that is why I keep ending up in Amill?