Thursday, February 09, 2006


OK, now this really, really bugs me. I can appreciate that it is upsetting for someone to talk trash about your religion, I am a Christian and face that kind of crap all the time, but where is the voice of reason within Islam? So what if the Danes published satirical cartoons representing the growing popular sentiment about Islamic fundamentalists. Do you think you are somehow unique in this? Look, we believe our Jesus to be God (at least a smidge better than a prophet) and you don't see us burning down embassies when people misrepresent Jesus. Can you not see that the Danes are just naming the fear that is growing in our society?

At this point I don’t even care if I agree or disagree with those cartoons. Hearing of little boys being trampled in your idiotic riots has scarred my ability to try and see something good there. What would your prophet Mohammad think if he were to step on the scene? Would he lament at how you have done exactly what the cartoons depicted?

Apparently there is a discussion today between the Danish ambassador and a Canadian Islamic representative. That Islamic representative sounded like his knickers were in quite a twist yesterday when I heard him on the radio. He calls for Denmark to institute an anti-hate law similar to the one we have in Canada, hello? Publishing satirical cartoons typically is a reactive form of writing and depicts growing sentiments in society – it is not meant to shape popular opinion. If these same cartoons were published here first do you seriously think you would have a case?

Here is my suggestions: Why not instead recognize that for many people that image of Islam as bomb toting fanatics bent on indiscriminate death and destruction is all they have ever seen of Islam, do something about that! Show us a different face of Islam. Call your people to repent of their anger and wars, to forgive and to seek reconciliation. Call them to lay down their arms and take up their prayer mats and become a true force of good in this world. Show us a side of Islam that will make all of us extol the virtues of a truly great religion and give thanks to Allah for the witness of Islam. If you want to declare a Jihad, then do it against the real enemy of Islam – the many, many of you who validate those very cartoons you found so offensive.

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DMofKor said...

Wow, what a bold post.
I must admit that I stand with you on this one. The reaction to these cartoons seems to validate them. I hear the voice of local muslims who disagree with what is happening but their reputation is being tarnished by those who take things to an extreme. I think Islam would go a long way if they removed the word Jihad from their vocabulary. There may be a place for it, but it is you way to flipantly.