Monday, February 06, 2006

Beauty in Diversity

I just had a great conversation with a friend of mine at the coffee shop. He is a Roman Catholic who also studies at St. Paul. We were talking about how much we appreciated the diversity of the body of Christ. It started with a discussion of the rich diversity at St. Paul university, obviously lots of Roman Catholics, but in my circle of friends there are Pentacostals, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Orthodox, United Church, Congregationalists, Plymouth Brethern backsliders (he will smile if he ever reads this), B'ahai, and agnostics. That must sound like an odd mix, but the conversations are wonderful.

Then our conversation turned to the attractive quality of the diversity within the body of Christ. I love the diversity at the roots of my own denomination. In the midst of diversity we find unity, just think about the Trinity for instance. The Trinity is inspirational for unity in spite of diversity instead of unity enforced through homogeniety. Even my own life is a hodge podge of different streams of Christianity meeting to shape the trajectory of my journey in Christ. There is something that is so exciting about that to me. Something that flies in the face of fear and launches me towards freedom. Fear conforms but love frees, Perfect love casts out all fear.

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