Saturday, April 04, 2009

All Comes Tumbling Out

Last week was like a wave crashing through my life. So much to get done and between life, sickness and the unexpected I wasn't sure I'd get it done. But Thursday I handed in my paper on Wimber's liturgical spirituality. Friday I handed in my last progress report for the academic year. And then came home to crash.

What was cool is that after I finally dragged myself off the couch I realized that I had all this pent up creative energy. Great because I needed to get something ready for my D&D game that night. So now I have a clear sense of the next 95+ days (game time) and I have some really cool base story to work with. To top that off we had a great game session.

But today is the real stop.

I went out to buy something I've wanted for a while - flying bases to make some custom miniatures for my game. Sounds simple, I've even seen them. But I could only find Warhammer bases that were quite a bit too big. No thanks. So I tried the second thing I was out to buy today - a hypoallergenic cook book. I got to a very busy Chapters only to remember that I had a few websites of recipes to look at first. It is one of those kinds of days. So I kicked around there a few minutes and headed home. Just feeling like something that washed up on shore. I know this will pass, probably sooner now that I've acknowledged it.

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