Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi Mom!

So my mom actually reads my blog. What do you know.

Just a bit of an update. My presentation in Montreal went very well, but I woke up the next day not feeling so good. Hope I didn't leave anything for Matte and Dean! I'm going to spend a bit of time tuning up the paper and then see if I can't find a journal to be its new home. If I was feeling better I'd be ready to get on that - but alas being sick has meant my brain feels cloudy. It is worse when I take anti-histamines, which I've had to do a few times. At least I'm able to sleep.

I'm winding up the semester. A few odds and ends to clean up for the courses. I am so glad this is it for courses. I have my comp list finalized (I think, the email from the faculty came and I gave it my approval) and so for the next five months I will be reading, making notes and researching the background for the 20 core books on my list. I also want to do the following:

* build an academic resume
* prepare my SHRC/OGS applications
* write my paper for the CTS (Congress 2009)
* clean my office (maybe streamline my library)
* start up a new house group (Freedom style)
* write a custom scenario for Injurious Games
* prepare a bunch of my D&D campaign - I'm dipping into really old material these days.
* install a flood light
* paint a window frame
* take a vacation

Not so bad a list. I have 5 months to prep for my comps - should be enough time to do those things too.

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