Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sensory Service Presentation Sneak Peek

I have this slide show embedded into my powerpoint presentation for Concordia (Friday). The photographers were so generous. In the powerpoint I also have a credit slide so here are the credits: Becomingfriendship, with permission; Adam Walker Cleaveland,, with permission; Steve Collins (Small Ritual), with permission; Eric Coomer (thewellgathering), with permission; Jordan Cooper, with permission; Lars Hammar, Creative Commons; Martin Kelley & C. Wess Daniels, with permission; Cheryl Lawry,, with permission; Alan Rathe (Arathe), with permission; Robin (Robinsan), Creative Commons; Robert Terrell (ratterrell), Creative Commons. Thanks again! Enjoy the sneak peek. I'll send out a final paper to those who asked, just waiting on Prof. Susan Roll's feedback.

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