Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vivid Dreams and Catching Sleep

I have been having trouble sleeping ever since pulling a really late night to finish my project for Concordia. Now I'm actually going to leave after class Thursday so that I can take in the whole conference. Gonna stay with Matte and Dean! I love those guys. So I'm kinda excited about all that. Which is distracting. I managed to get a bit of research time in but Elyssa has been home sick this week (next week is March break so more kid time) and being over tired to begin with - I'm a bit of a mess.

No March break for me BTW - actually it is the opposite. When the kids are home they need attention. In fact I've been interrupted about 3 times already since I started this post! I enjoy my kids, don't get me wrong. I'm just trying to get a little break before I start in on lunch.

Currently I'm researching John Wimber's thoughts on worship to try and get insight into his liturgical spirituality (think worship spirituality, but I'm hoping to get a wholistic picture, not just about music but the whole service). John spoke a lot about worship as a lifestyle but what I'm interested for this paper is specifically his thoughts on the Christian worship service (liturgy). I'm going to review video footage next. My feeling is that there are a lot of stories that we just pass down, the hagiography of Wimber so to speak. I have to root my paper in John's own words not the anecdotes. Carol tells of the problem the best when she talks about a word God gave her and says John always talked about this as the night God gave him that word. (The Way in is the Way On, p.107) It is awesome to finally be doing some work directly on my own denomination.

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