Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arneson Failed his Last Save

I heard the news Good Friday. We lost Gygax last year so now both of the creators of Dungeons and Dragons have gone on to roll dice with the Big Guy. Here is the OOTS tribute. Over on the Christian Gamer's Guild Alex posted a snip from an email conversation he had with Dave Arneson. In it Arneson recounts what happened when a new pastor came to serve his church and spoke out to the elders against Dungeons and Dragons. Arneson (long time elder) wasn't even there and they basically came to Arneson's defense. The pastor realized that he was speaking from the hearsay. It is unfortunate that so many Christians bought into the BS spread about the game. Both of the founders came from religious homes and if they had any ulterior motives it was to create a game that depicted the epic battle of good against evil. Their only crime really was to teach a generation that it was ok to use their imaginations - imaginations that God gave them. If you think about people who did something that touched a whole culture - it is gonna be a pretty short list. The influence of Arneson and Gygax's creation is still playing out today (pun intended). Thanks for the game Dave. You will be missed.


cleireac said...

Are you sure that he failed his save? I'd almost swear that it was a critical success!

One of Freedom said...

Or maybe it was a voluntary fail so that he could benefit from the ultimate heal spell. :-)

Scott Paeth said...

As Stephen Colbert said when Gary died: "May your prismatic spray always been your opponents' Reflex Saving Throw." Thanks Dave!