Saturday, July 02, 2005

DDM in Montreal

My buddy Jeff and I drove to Montreal this morning to play 6 games of Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures (Kinda like chess on LSD!). He came in 11th and I came in 20th! I do wish I had turtled on you CarnivalKid, but it was a fun game.

It was nice to meet some more folks from the DDM message boards on the Wizards of the Coast website. They were planning on going to GenCon, I wish I could go but it is harder to do things like that when you have a family. Maybe I'll go with those crazy Redshirt guys sometime and run games for them so they can pay my way.

I played a Beholder/Skullcrusher/Urthok+Snig band (15 activations, 14 miniatures - I call it Behold the Activations). I played it because I really wanted more to have fun than be all stressed out about winning. I feel like I played well, but only won half of the games I played. Even though I brought more of a fun band, I think it is a fairly decent Beholder build - the many activations lets me get to use the Beholder when it is most opportune, the rock throw from the ogre caught a few opponents off guard as well - killed an Inspiring Marshall in the first round (critted and he had already taken 10 from an eyebeam). I also had some fun neutering (slow attack) Lord Soth and a HEBI.

All in all it was a fun day - I'd do it again.

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