Friday, July 15, 2005

Days like yesterday leave me...

I don't know about you but it takes me a few days to recover from a day of frustration like yesterday. I mean I get the grace thing, I really do. But there is still the lingering self-frustration. Take that and add a daughter that got us up around 5:30AM and you get the makings for a lazy day. Actually I've gotten a fair bit accomplished today, I even got out and made a few new friends (thanks Paul). But every crisis* at home leaves me in a slight shaken state.

Tried to get a bit of rest in there. Lots of cleaning yet to do. And tomorrow I play a concert in a park that I am definitely not ready to do. I love playing, so I hope that carrys me. So far everytime I've picked up my guitar to practice today my youngest starts screaming at me. Not good. She's over tired, cranky. So that leaves me in a funk. Well we have D&D tonight, that should brighten my mood.

*crisis - ask a parent what constitutes a crisis for a 2 year old.

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