Monday, January 26, 2009

Working on Themes

I have a list of themes now - still a wee bit of tweaking though. One of the themes that I'm doing, this is a specific one, is Emerging Church. This was suggested by my director, but I'm thinking of changing it up a bit: Emerging Theologies in the Evangelical Church. I'm thinking that this formulation will let me catch a few influential innovations/ contextualizations in evangelical theology. Soooo I'm thinking a decent book on Open Theism (either Pinnock or Boyd), a text on Centrist Theology (Grenz Renewing the Center is my top choice here), Missional theology (I probably should do Guder's Missional Church, but I'm investigating Hirsch's Forgotten Ways). I have room for one more foundational type text.

The other general theme I have a bit of flexability with is Contextual Theologies which I might call Theological Methods and capture the following: Contextual Theology (Bevans for sure), Local Theologies (Schreiter), Incipient Theologies (Cochrane) and maybe something on Worldviews.

The rest of the themes are very specific and point to a set of books. One is on George Eldon Ladd, but I am toying with a cluster of Fuller thinkers on Kingdom Theology. I'll probably end up choosing three Ladd texts for that one: The Gospel of the Kingdom, The Blessed Hope and The Presence of the Future.

The other hard task is locating a copy of The Principle of Hope Vol. 2 Ernst Bloch - I have vol. 1, and vol. 3 is readily available but vol. 2 is hard to find online. Gotta love an atheist for the sake of God.

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