Sunday, January 11, 2009

Continuing my Studies

I made it through the week. My second course is on Liturgy and Spirituality with Prof. Susan Roll. I've known Prof. Roll since she landed at Saint Paul, and taken one or two courses from her already. She's a good professor. I am more interested in the later part of the course, the beginning is too much of a Cathlocentric beginning for me. I want a more flexible definition of liturgy, the class will do this but not the text that we are reading.

Last night I met with a couple other PhD students (we all have the same director) to discuss proposing a panel for an upcoming conference at Concordia University. I hope we do it, if we get accepted I'll share some of the details. I'm a bit wary of taking on too much - met with my director and we are hammering out my themes for the dreaded Comprehensive Exam!!!! One of my tasks is to actually read some respectable evangelical theologies - I did not really get that at Saint Paul. I'm trying to track down course descriptions from evangelical universities - but my problem is I don't know which ones are really good. I found Fuller and Regent so far (Regent needs to work on its site, it was hard to get course descriptions that included required reading texts). I'm open to suggestions.

The start of this process is basically to really think through what I want to spend the next three or so years of my life thinking about. It has to be narrow enough to fit into a 600 page max thesis and big enough to keep me interested long enough to finish it. I'm making progress, but I'm glad she framed it this way. It is making me pause. I am fairly impulsive so this is a good exercise.

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