Monday, January 19, 2009

Lot to do about Something

I'm really excited today. Had a great conversation with my friend I (that's what I call her). She never fails to jump into the deep end in our conversations. We have been conspiring to start up another Freedom Vineyard group with them too. But also I managed to connect with other Vineyard folk academically swimming in the deep waters of political theology (or at least thinking deeply about how the Vineyard's contextualization of kingdom theology leads to social engagement!). So stoked about that.

I also have some other cool happenings. This week I'm guest lecturer in a course on Music and Spirituality talking about how music is an anchor in liturgical practice. I'm taking my guitar for that! Also I've been asked to give a lecture to a psychology of evolution class on the belief side of the evolution/creation debate. This will be fun because I can examine some ideas of identity construction. The only snag there is that it is a French class and the prof needs buy in from the students for me to come, my expertise is a match. I really have to address my language deficit!

OK, back to work.

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