Friday, June 27, 2008

[LIF] Took a Day Off

Tomorrow I'm back at writing. Today I just hung out with my kids. We went to the store to get Lady in the Water, they had been asking to see that one again. It was there for $6.99, score! I bawled like a baby (again). I won't wreck the movie, it does have a few startles and a wolf-like creature, but I'm convinced it is a kids movie. It is based on a story M. Night made up for his kids. What gets me is Paul Giamatti's character, he does such a great job.

I also picked up Eastern Promises and Balls of Fury (I really like Christopher Walken, I hope this movie is totally odd). Rogers has a sale on for used movies. I plan on using these as carrots. I'll watch one when I get a draft of chapter 2 done and maybe the other after I make the revisions on chapter 2. Things are going well on my paper. I have the intro and first chapters in for my director to tear apart. I am pretty happy with it though, Sharon says it is my best work to date. I feel like I'm learning how to write all over again. My goal is to get it done (in the A range), but I want to master academic writing (as a skill) in my PhD programme. It is quite different than the stream of consciousness I can pull off on a blog. It is even quite different than the technical writing that I did when I was an IT policy analyst, and that was pretty precise work. I'm growing in confidence that I can actually learn this, and learn it well. It is definitely a particular skill.

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