Thursday, June 19, 2008

[LIF] Life is funny, sad and surprising

Sometimes life is an odd combination of all three and more!

What I thought was my good friends Jeff and Melanie just had their first baby. One of the reply-all responses to their announcement was, "Screenshots or it never happened." But what is sad is that I think life has become that blurred for many people. Screenshots indeed.

Sad because another dear friend was spilling his heart to me about how Christians had let him down in his hour of deepest need. That really surprised me too, but it shouldn't have, I've known for years that Christians tend to shoot their own wounded. Why is it that Christians can be some of the least Christ-like people on the planet? That is sad.

And lastly I was surprised to find some really dear but long lost friends on facebook. This is a couple that have encouraged me at critical moments over my life. They are the kind of Christians that make me proud to also be a Christian. Nothing funny or sad - just a delightful surprise.

OK, back to writing!


DMofKor said...

Hey Bud,
I hope that your writting is going well. It is nice to connect will old friends, Facebook book is good for that. Although, it provides a false sense of community, it does do wonders in the old friends connection.

When you see christians behaving that way, it leaves no one surprised to see people leaving the church. You reap what you sow. It's good thing that not all christians behave that way.

steve martin said...

I think that example is a stark reminder of what law preaching, or 'how to' preaching for Christian betterment, can lead to.

When the law is misused in this way people get an unreal expectation of the Christian. The Christian is quite capable of terrible selfish behavior as anyone that has been a member of any church can tell you. The piety and phoniness can't always keep the real sinner under wraps.

That is what I love about a church that preaches the law to kill, instead of 'to improve'. There aren't any illusions about who is really sitting in the pews.

Thanks very much!

- Steve Martin

Anonymous said...

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ."


Ken Storey said...

I used to tag my titles, but I gave up because so often life is more than a tag. Church spills over into life, life spills over into theology, and its all a interconnecting web.

Even in the sad times we can find joyous things.