Thursday, March 13, 2008

[LIF] Sick...oh pooh.

We've had a flu go through our house. First my youngest had it for 5 days! Then I had an off day along with my oldest. My wife caught it next and then it overtook my oldest again. She's had a fever for 6 days now. I'm on day two of shakes.

It could not have come at a worse time in my course. I took class off today (I'm super anal about that, I don't even like to be late for a class!) and I'm likely staying in bed tomorrow too. Most of this morning my brain was mush. I crashed early and woke up with severe joint pain tonight. Hence the incoherent ramble on my blog.

If you pray, please do.

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byron smith said...

Yuck. I feel the same about missing classes, but there are times when it is far wiser to do so.