Monday, March 10, 2008

[LIF] Holy Snowfall Batman!

Our playstructure has a sandbox under it and ladders to climb up! Ow my aching back!


Hank said...

Looks like fun...

Pardon me while I bask in relative balminess (temps here should approach 80 degrees Fahrenheit by Monday).

Oh, another book you should check out; I'm looking for it myself after reading this chapter-by-chapter 'review' (I think its more like a summary):

DMofKor said...

Only 36 more cm to beat the record.
I can't imagine where I would put another foot of snow. It is just insane. Not to mention that alot of this year's snow has melted away. I remember the snow banks getting big earlier in the winter and then they shrunk...quite a bit. Good thing cause our last week would have been unbearable.
historically we get 20% of our snow in March... I think we must be close to that mark already. But 15% of that 20% (or 3%) comes after the 21st...when spring has come. So we should be getting a bit more snow. But let's hope that what we have melts away first ;-)

One of Freedom said...

Thanks for the book tip Hank.

Steve, I'm more worried about a quick thaw and where all that water goes. Guess this is the test for the regrading we did at the side of our house last year!