Monday, March 17, 2008

[DDM] It's All Over

Yeah. I just pulled up the pre-release schedule for the lastest D&D Minis installment and no Montreal. I can't say I'm too shocked, but I do feel sad. See this is the pre-cursor to D&D 4th Edition and they changed the rules. My buddy Richard put it this way, "I read the new rules and got dumber." I want to try them out but I think the interest just isn't there. I did download the new cards for the last set, but something about them leaves me less than thrilled. Maybe I'm just not ready to move on?

I'm not saying the old rules are perfect, but I am saying that I am not as adaptable as I was in my youth. The old rules are familiar, like an old shoe. And if you are like me then you want that old shoe to literally fall apart before you buy another one - as the perfectly fine new set of Dr. Martins in my closet will attest.

But maybe there is more to it. I've been playing DDM for long enough that I can't easily store my miniatures. It is ridiculous to drag them all out for D&D let alone pull a warband of only 12. Having a ba-zillion little plastic critters does not incite me to start a whole new collection of plastic crack! In that sense I definitely feel done. But, to their credit, Wizards of the Coast is updating all the old minis to the new stats. Awesome job guys. But I'm still sad.

Not like I've had time to run DDM in a while. But I did love DDM nights. And taking a van load of boyz to Montreal for the pre-release was always a good time.

I hope the new game attracts a lot of new players. I hope there will always still be veterans playing the old rules too. And I do hope one day I'll try out the new game. But for right now it is time to mourn the passing of a game.

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