Monday, July 16, 2007

[THO] Fellowship on the Underside of History

Underside of History is a term I'm adapting, it usually refers to the poor, but I'm convinced that it should also refer to those who really live in solidarity with life on the margins. Regardless, there is something special that happens on the margins, on the underside of history. That is what I felt we experienced with our dear friends in Cambridge this past weekend.

It is rare to feel so loved, so accepted and welcomed into a place. But when you are amongst those who live on the margins should we expect anything less. For that matter why are the margins so special? I guess it takes some special folk to tackle the margins of society and thrive there. Not because of an incapacity, but because of a deep cultural selfishness and unChristlikeness. This weekend was an image of heaven for me - being with Brad and Mary was like being with Jesus.

The funny thing is we went to church that Sunday, we like to visit churches when we are on vacation, but you know the few days we spent with Brad and Mary, drinking wine, sharing life, chasing books and praying felt more like church than the service we went to on Sunday.

The reason I wanted to say this was an underside story, is that this is so rare an experience. Mary and Brad didn't care if dishes got cleaned on time, they cared about us. This is the same care I know, cause I have seen glimpses of it, they give to those they mentor and love. They simply opened their homes and lives to us and it was wonderful.

Ironically that church service was on hospitality. Not that they weren't hospitable, but the young preacher was calling people to live what Mary and Brad do so naturally. The preacher encouraged Christians to welcome the strangers and to remove the blinders of prejudice from our eyes. I would add that we need to always hope and see others through the eyes of hope instead of the eyes of negative expectations. When you are with folks who see you this way you can't help but feel loved. I know I felt loved with Brad and Mary.

So thanks guys for opening your home and heart to us. You have inspired us.

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