Thursday, July 19, 2007

[LIF] Home from Vacation

It was later than we expected that we arrived home last night. We left Hamilton fairly early but found out the hard way that some of the early VUE Hybrids have a problem that only occurs when they overheat. We have been having some wierd sensor issues since we got it, but never when I could get it to the dealer in time to fix it. But yesterday we made it to Newmarket, to visit my grandmother, and the car wouldn't restart. We had Roadside coming and everything when the car cooled down enough to start. That is sort of frustrating actually.

We let it cool while we had a visit and then head out, zig-zaging so as to miss the growing Toronto rush hour traffic. We were almost to Whitby when all the electrical shut down. You don't know how nice power steering is until it is suddenly gone! The gas engine worked but all the guages froze so I didn't know how fast I was going. We made it to a parking lot (outside a Tim Hortons) and I called to locate the nearest Saturn dealer. They knew what the problem was and told me I'd make it home (once the car cooled down) and should get it fixed at our dealer (which is where I took it this morning). I found a car wash actually helped, plus the kids love car washes!

Other than that, we had an excellent vacation. I bought many books. We stayed with some very cool friends, both in Cambridge and Hamilton. Thanks Brad and Mary! Thanks Peter and Cindy! Got to talk a lot, pray a bit and I even saw the new Harry Potter movie (they cut out too much book though). The kids got to go to Ontario Place as well as many water parks and playgrounds. We played a few games. Drove to visit dear friends. Even saw a newborn baby (congrats again grampa George and grandma Janet!) fresh out of the proverbial oven (arrived about the same time we did in Sarnia). Probably one of our most enjoyable vacations yet.

Well got to see if we can't track down a car to go up to a cottage with.

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