Wednesday, July 04, 2007

[FV] Teaser

I just finished the last bit of animation for our Church information video. Each of the Ontario Vineyards were asked to submit a short video, two or three minutes long, telling about the church. This short video can be played in other Vineyards to help us know one another more and pray for each other a little better. Cool idea and of course we couldn't truly express who we were without doing something a little different.

Six of us represented 8 of our people and a dog! We scripted, created the scenes and produced all the base collatoral for our film tonight, in lieu of a regular kinship. It was fun, but boy did it go late. We finished all the parts with dialogue up so that the bulk of folks could head out, then Sharon and I animated the rest which uses already recorded background tracks. I'm sure you will really enjoy this video when I get it all edited together. Give me a week or so and I'll post a link.

There is a teaser on my Facebook page, for those facebook keeners. You need to add the video applet to watch it though, oh and be my friend. But hey, I'm a pretty friendly guy.


Looney said...

Thanks for the comment. I have been getting curious about Vineyard due to all of the worship songs that have Vineyard in the credits.

One of Freedom said...

I saw your response earlier. I think it is always cool when we can find some common ground to start from.

I've really been blessed by Vineyard music over the years. Did you see my post over at Faith and Theology (Ben Meyers) where I talk about how I got into the Vineyard? It is a pretty good entrance into what Vineyard is about.

bless you bro.

Looney said...

I remember skimming the article earlier, but I went a re-read it. May the Lord bless your new church plant beyond your wildest immagination!

My church is a fairly fundy Baptist. We have over 100 youth who will be headed out into the world and charismatic directions seem to be the primary interest. The church leadership wants to fight it, but I think we should be more flexible and definitely not critical of our brothers in the Lord. Being preoccupied with teaching myself, it isn't an option to move into another church and check things out first hand. I still like to learn as much as possible.