Sunday, April 01, 2007

[LIF] End of Semester

Things are wrapping up, I wrote my last non-exam paper of the semester tonight. I have a bit over a week before my first exam is due. This is the time of the semester when the stress on my family is the greatest. Sharon hasn't seen much of me since the paper crunch and the times we have had together have been really catching up on what's going on in each others lives. That is freaky considering we sleep in the same bed every night. I really need to hire a sitter and take her out for dinner or something, just the two of us.

Today we went to buy me some much needed pants - a lot of my clothes are getting worn out simply because I don't have the time to buy new ones. I bought three pairs of jeans, good ones that will last a while. I need desperately to replace my orange GAP sweater, but they don't make the pullovers like that anymore. Sharon needs to get out shopping too, but our lives are pretty packed.

I have two weeks off after exams and then I take on two summer intensives. Good news is that will complete my degree, bad news is it will be June before I get a real breather. I'm just glad I don't have another year of my undergrad left.

J’ai faire bien progrès en français. Je pourrai pour comprendre la français. Bientôt, j'espérer. As you can tell it is still pretty bad, but a few weeks ago I wouldn't even know where to look to try and figure out to say that (whatever I said in them there words, Steve help me out buddy.) It is going to be an intense Summer. If I don't post so much it is because my head is buried in a book.


knsheppard said...

Frank, that means its time to put up a new profile picture. The old one has the said orange GAP sweater. :)

DMofKor said...

J’ai faire bien progrès en français. Je pourrai pour comprendre la français. Bientôt, j'espérer.

I can decipher what you are trying to say and yes you did and I hope as well.

J'ai fais du progrès en français. J'espère de pouvoir comprendre le français.

One of Freedom said...

Ahhh, I see. Merci. Thanks Steve. I think I'm over the first hump, my French the Easy Way workbook is actually making some sense. I have several CDs of French training in my car too, I listen to them almost every day and some French radio everyday. I watched Electra en français as well (with the English subtitles), bits of it made sense which is encouraging.