Saturday, April 14, 2007

[FUN] Birthyday Party

Each year the girls are allowed to invite one friend for each year old they are. For some reason my oldest is turning seven and having eight kids over (oh yeah, Chelsea didn't count - that makes sense). Because it can be quite a game keeping up with inviting who you are socially supposed to, we decided to opt out of that and let our kids decide. For the most part it works well. Elyssa has invited almost all classmates, including two boys!

We also try to do something really fun for the kids. So this one is a cat show. Each kid brings a stuffed cat and they are going to have games. I am so happy with the main game - a hunt for Peanuts. Peanuts is Elyssa's favourite stuffed animal, a white (used to be anyway) cat! Well Peanuts is going to disappear just before the party and when Elyssa asks for her we will tell her Peanuts is preparing a big surprise for her and hand her a DVD that she can watch with her friends. I'll post the video I made, it is hilarious. Basically Peanuts says for her birthday surprise she is playing her favourite game with all the kids - hide and seek. She gives a clue to lead them to the first egg, inside is a clue that leads to the next one. They aren't too hard, but full of flavour (Peanuts says Meow-pad all the time, that is in there!). I have five clue eggs hidden that lead to Peanuts.

Once they find her we will take polaroids of the kids with cats that they can stick on their Cat Show Registration forms. Then the pageant begins! It is going to be great fun. Now I'm off to carefully place the eggs.

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