Thursday, May 25, 2006

[LIF] neo-vegetarian reculturationist

Bryan, over at the Christian Gamers Guild, referred to me as a:
"neo-vegetarian pseudo-sideways reculturationist"
It was in jest and believe me I took it that way. But I wondered at how accurate a reflection this might be on me.

Despite never having any vegetarian leanings on account of God screwing up and giving me omnivorous teeth (what was God thinking?). I do hold some similar values with my more nature-oriented vegetarian friends. I just find it hard to resist the modern conveniences associated with cheating against my values. So ‘neo’ should really be replaced with ‘hypocritical neo’, if I am to be honest. I should go elsewhere when they are out of organic carrots, but sadly I don’t.

Pseudo-sideways, well considering when I was young and very stupid I decided to try out the urban myth of smoking banana peels. We baked them up, scraped them into a couple pipes and lit up for an experience that left us (I had a partner in stupidity in those days, fellow named Melvern) with the worst possible headache that mercifully only lasted about an hour. But the initial effect of inhaling burnt banana rinds is to feel sideways. So yes I know what it is like to feel sideways. However, pseudo or imitation sideways is another story. Suffice to say I no longer smoke much of anything let alone banana peels so sideways does need some qualifier if it has any hope of fitting.

Am I pseudo sideways? I like to think I’m not pseudo anything, but my investigation of my neo-vegetarianism already proved that I am not as non-pseudo as I would like to believe. But I don’t really try to pretend to be sideways either. Maybe upside down? I think that works better for me, pseudo inverted. I am not really inverted, but sometimes my perspectives can appear inverted; quite possibly they are inverted from the norm, but in reality I am convinced my ideas are right side up, hence the pseudo qualifier.

Reculturationist. Huh?

Well let’s break this bad boy down. Re means I do something again. Culture is in this, but the declination seems to indicate this term is more of a verb, meaning that I like to either reapply culture or resituate something into cultures. Both are quite accurate – which is why the first two are troubling, how could Bryan be so accurate here and miss the first two? I’ll leave that for Bryan to ponder.


Hank Harwell said...

Hi, Frank!

I don't have much of a comment other than I found Bryan's description hilarious. If I had been drinking I'm sure it would have squirted through my nose when I read it....

Anyway, I've also recently discovered LibraryThing, and after I get my move completed, I plan on updating it more thoroughly than I have now.

One of my favorites right now is "The Word on the Street" by Rob Lacey. It's a paraphrase of the Bible begun as therapy when Rob was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Approximately three years later, the cancer is in remission and the Word has a fresh new telling.

Now, it may not be lingusitcally correct, but I think it reads well enough for devotional use.

One of Freedom said...

Hank, I've found some of these re-readings of scripture quite useful in liturgical settings. It is nice to have a fresh set of eyes on the Word and they do that. I have been using the NLT a lot recently, I really dislike some of the translation bits in it, but for devotional flow it is great. I'll have to check out tWotS next time I'm at a bookstore.

Derek said...

Hey Frank, the peril of language eh? Perhaps you need to ask Bryan to define his terms - he may not be saying what you think he's saying!! Ah, postmodernism.....

Thanks for your comment,

One of Freedom said...

Bryan commented at the Guild, he just chose random words that he could modify. It was a great post at the end of a long serious thread. Ahhh levity is great. Thanks for dropping by.