Saturday, May 13, 2006

[DDM] CanGames

This time next week I’ll be running games at CanGames. I am really excited. Last year was my first year and I had all my games fill up. This year I am running five sessions, including two DCI sanctioned tournaments (one even has 32 spaces reserved!). It is going to be fun. Two of my sessions are themed warbands, Epic and 200pt. That is always a lot of fun. You never know what people will bring to an event like that, it is bound to be hilarious – last time I ran themed bands I brought my dreaded freaky beard band where all the minis sported freaky facial hair! But the one I am most keen on running is my famous campaign scenario: Warlords of the Fallen Gong.

Each player competes in a series of one-on-one battles using warbands of escalating point value (100, 200, Epic). Faction rules are in effect and your warlord has to be in all of your builds (the same piece). Each victory gains your warlord new magic items that can be employed in the following warband builds (they are handicapped for points at the start of the skirmish). The better you do the more goodies you collect. In the traditional game we would end with an all out, mega-map, every warlord for him/herself battle – but that takes oodles of time. So in the interest of sane gaming we are just going to have a series of contests and lots of prizes to hand out. It should really be fun.

Speaking of prizes, Galen_Games has donated a bazillion (slight exaggeration) common and uncommon minis (Deathknell and Giants of Legend primarily) which I have turned into a pile of rareless boosters. Also my friend Richard from Red Shirt Games is painting up some custom statues as prizes, he says he is planning on winning two of them so I know he will do a good job (he’s a wicked miniature painter BTW).

Red Shirt Games is also running their famous Monster Mash scenario using D&D Miniatures. I’m going to play in that one and hope to get me a prize, maybe a statue for my own use in RPGing. That would be very cool. I’m also registered to play in their own game – General Glen’s Rules for Toy Soldiers on Friday night.

I’ll post how things went. Still lots to do to get ready, but I am really exicted!

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