Sunday, January 01, 2006


It is funny how time passes and reveal our priorities. I made a list at the start of my holidays, things I wanted to try and get done. Ever the realist I called it a wish list. Some of the things on there got done or touched on, but I would have loved to do more. For example, between her working and all the other obligations we had I did not get much one on one time with my wife (#3). I would love to think that is a top priority in my life, but it is sad to see that it isn't. I did get to take my oldest daughter to a New Years Eve party at the old Nepean city hall, that was great. And I did get in a whole day of gaming with my friends from Red Shirt Games. A day that was so exhausting Sharon and I just vegged after. We did watch the Years Funniest Commercials Wednesday night - that was nice to veg out on the couch together. I am not much of a New Years resolution kind of guy, but I do think that it is worthwhile taking up projects each year. Stuff that your reflection of the year that has gone by brings to the front. Actually this has been one of the better years in our marriage, I think after 10 years we are starting to get the hang of it. But I also see that there is more I could be doing to make our relationship more enjoyable for each of us. I hope your New Years is filled with life projects that bring you closer to God and to the ones you love.

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