Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hill Giant!

Happy New Year folks!

My buddy Vince brought me a copy of PC Gamer so I can order the promo hill giant from Wizards of the Coast. Sweet!

Been picking away at my Christmas wish list (to do), still a bit crazy and classes start again this coming Wednesday.


Paul W said...

Happy New Year Frank! All the best in your studies, and all the best to your wife and family. By the way, did you have a look at my 2006 book wish-list. I think a couple of titles may be of interest to you in terms of the "pastoral dimemsion" of theological anthropology.

Sorry I wanted to say something earlier but couldn't quite find the words!

One of Freedom said...

Yeah I saw that the other day. The Esler book (middle one) looked particularily interesting. Would love to hear your thoughts on it when you are done. I'm hoping this semested is lighter - I'm mopping up some of the leftover 1st year pre-reqs for my course. After this I have an English (been avoiding, I'm a straight A student you would think they would believe I can write by now) one other 1st year theology and a second philosophy - then the rest is all fun stuff and electives.