Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Very odd dream with liturgical implications

I had a dream last night that we inherited my grandmother's house - this grandmother was very wealthy (actually she passed on years ago) and had a really nice house. In the dream everything was even more ornate and larger, it was a veritable mansion. We had been trying to sort out what stuff was still useful in the kitchen and what stuff from our own stuff needed to be added. The huge garage was full of our stuff (and some of it quite flimsy I might add) which we didn't really know what we would need. I knew we needed to find a place for our leather couch but that was about it. Anyway, I had just ventured into one of the lounge rooms to look at what was there, the crown moldings and victorian furniture was gorgeous. But not all of it was still useful and the walls would definitely need Sharon's touch in paint. I was going through drawers and checking out the many windows before I woke up.

I was sharing the dream with Sharon and she observed that this is exactly what we have been doing in our church. We have been given such a rich heritage from the historical Church, but not everything was still useful or fit our personalities. But we were certainly appreciative of it all. The long process of sorting this out has begun in the kitchen for us as we have opened up ancient Eucharistic possibilities for our group. Maybe the dream is telling us more is on the way, maybe it is just an affirmation of what is already happening. In either case I wake up today feeling blessed to have such a rich inheritance in the Church. No wonder God loves the Church so much.

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