Thursday, August 04, 2005

Consider yourself warned......

You know there are a lot of things in my life, a lot that are important to me. My faith and my family are at the top - I have two great kids, a loving wife and an amazing Saviour. But there are other things that occupy my head and heart.

For instance there is the church I am planting - Freedom Vineyard. Especially the community that has gathered in an effort to get closer to God. I love those guys and gals. They encourage me, challenge me, sometimes frustrate me, love me and even at times take care of me. This is another thing in my heart.

I also love friends, I have a lot of friends. Lots at various level of friendship too. Some whom I've only just begun to get to know. Some whom I've known and loved for years. But I love hanging out with my friends.

I love music - well playing music more than listening to it. There is something I find very relaxing to grab my guitar and begin strumming the songs in my heart. I revel in the opportunities I've had, and sometimes still have, to play in bands or perform on stages. I love leading intimate worship in our church. Music is great in my life.

I like games and strategy. I love stories and movies. I like reading and thinking deeply. I love theology and even at times history. I like languages - even though I am not good at them. I love collecting things - but try to limit it for my wife's sanity. But still I have books and stamps and CDs and you name it to organize and enjoy. Oh did I mention I love organizing things (not so much people it is more AR than that). These are things that make up me, things in my head and heart.

OK so you are wondering the point of this post? Well all these things are me and all these things are part of my life story. It is hard for me to spend anytime with anyone and not talk about any and all of these things. Maybe I am just a really public kinda guy - maybe I am not cautious enough with my pearls. Whatever the case - consider yourself warned, this is my blog and I'm apt to shift gears wildly here. I hope you enjoy the ride.


Lynn said...

Do you feel like a pariah being a believer in Canada? I hear that most Canadians are secular, but I don't always believe what I hear. I am just curious.

One of Freedom said...

Not at all. Most Christians are thoroughly secularized Lynn. I actually feel less at home in hyper-isolationist Christian sub-culture settings than I do living in society here. For me I am strongly convinced that Jesus' example was to be in the world (not of it). In some places where there is a strong (and separatist) Christian sub-culture, I feel that it is actually anti-Christian, at least contrary to the example of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank
Would love to have a coffee or a bottle of scotch or anything like the bottle you gave me with a proverb written on it. You are the only Christian who actually seemed to really understand the hell I went through when my x wife chose a life of fun time adultery while I took care of the children at home and pastored a ridiculous new church. Gawd... I am so done with the church insanity dance. Makes as much sense to me now as ISIS. Koran and bible. Yup. Nice Bronze Age nuttiness. Grin. I can't believe I learned Hebrew and Greek and didn't see the insanity.

Anyway. If you have cam Montgomerys #.... Let him know I contacted you... I have asked him. For your cell. It's Joseph

I am now agnostic and way way way waaaaaaaaaay happier and alive than when I was in the insanity of evangelical Ism.

One of Freedom said...

Hey man, I'll let him know. We are long, long overdue for a sit down.