Thursday, July 17, 2008

Survived Second Round

The changes my director asked for on this iteration of my first chapter (second round with her)are all much easier fixes than the last round. Nothing truly major, mostly just some inside language that I need to fix up. Inside language is terminology that is used as if it has self-evident meaning but really is jargon from within that community. The big one I've been wrestling with is Church. Originally I had used that term to speak of groupings of traditions and worldviews. But Church is too loaded a word to use without spending ample time setting up brackets around the meaning you wish to convey - and, as my director argues, if you mean something else then why not say what you mean. But this is easier said than done. As a result the only church I use that word for is in the naming of the emerging church.

I should finish the revisions of this chapter tonight. Last night I relaxed after a stressful day not wanting to get sick anymore. I've a good chunk of my second chapter done, too. This project is definitely taking longer than I would like, but it is coming along.

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DMofKor said...

Great to hear Frank.
I'm glad that you are making progress and that you are seeing milestones being accomplished. I understand that you are still along way from being done. But it is good to reconize achievements.