Saturday, July 19, 2008

On the Mend

I finally got sick of being sick, so off to the doctor I went. It has been a full year, I don't much like doctors. If you've been following the saga of my Masters year, you will probably recall that I've been sick a lot. This is not normal for me, I'm usually a pretty happy and healthy guy. But stress does a number on the body. A little over a week ago I got a bug which came with a sore throat, well the doctor confirmed that my throat is infected. I also have a burn on my leg that became infected. My immune system is working somewhat, otherwise my throat problem would have migrated to my lungs. But the pills he prescribed should bring me back up to snuff in no time. In a couple days I should be back on my game and ready to resume writing in a serious way.

I also got a call from my brother that my mom took a tumble and broke her collar bone! They took her to the hospital in Halifax as she might need surgery. They were planning on coming up in a few weeks, but I'd be surprised if they make it now. If you pray, please lift my mom up. Fortunately my sister can look after their store, allowing my dad to be with her. Of course that means my dad is driving mom crazy.

I have been picking away at my second chapter. I'm trying to take it easy to give my body a rest. It is a balancing act though - the more I put things off the more stressed I get over being able to finish it. I should be fine though. The more I pick away at it the more I am mastering the material that I am trying to present. Clarity is a good thing.

To relax I have been spending some time with my stamp collection. I sorted out a bunch of Dutch stamps yesterday, actually found 25 stamps that I needed for my album. There is something cathartic about sorting stamps. Not to mention that there is a redemptive story of God's grace to me behind my collection, I'll share that here sometime.

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DMofKor said...

Hey Bud,
I will pray for your health to improve and return to normal, I will also pray for your mom. I am sad to hear that she broker her collar bone.

Keep up the good work on your paper. I know that you can do it ;-)