Monday, May 05, 2008


Montreal was a lot of fun. My main objective was to just see what is expected in presenting a paper at an academic conference. I'm quite confident that I can do a great job of this. I think my strategy will be to write for print and prepare a presentation, rather than write to read. This will work when the papers do not need to be submitted before hand and will facilitate the process of prepping the papers for subsequent publication. Something I am hoping to do a fair bit of.

I met quite a few really helpful and friendly scholars. They seemed genuinely interested in my work. Of note Scott Kline was a real treat to meet. I actually hung out with his better half, Megan Shore, who is great friends with my partner in crime for the weekend, Jessica Fraser (her work on consummerism is something to keep an eye out for.) I skipped one session to sneak off with Jessica to the bookstore. We were a bit dissappointed that the bookstore with the good discount was more general than we had hoped, but I did find a few books. I actually bought a few books for my girls, but I'm sure the Mole Sisters isn't what you want to read about.

I picked up Vanier's collection of letters, Our Life Together. I couldn't resist this massive hardcover at $5.99! But related to my research I picked up Jim Wallis' God's Politics for a mere $4.99. And I took advantage of the 20% off to pick up Heidegger's Poetry, Language, Thought. Overall I was hoping to score more bookage, but it is probably a good thing. What they had for cheap was academic journals from McGill and Concordia. I picked up about five of these, anything really that had an article that was relevant to my research.

At the closing BBQ I was told that I'm no longer an AAR virgin. But then that was retracted with the notion that I still have to present. Next time for sure. Now I can't wait for Chicago.

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