Sunday, May 18, 2008

[LIF] CanGames

This was CanGames weekend! Lots of fun, but very tiring. You know you are getting old when... I usually run three events, two Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures (DDM) tournaments and an Injurius Games tournament. Because DDM has changed rules, and I am really too invested in the original rules to migrate, I ended up cancelling the first game and only one player showed up for the second DDM event. We played Sword and Skull, a really good Avalon Hill game that is much like the classic game Talisman. We played two player and it went very well. Lots of board games really suffer with just two players. After we played a game of Star Munchkin, but that is a game that really needs more than two players.

The Injurius tournament was really well attended. Lots of fun and we found a new player to join our IG League nights. I also played D12 Fantasy, another Red Shirt game, today and was part of the customized DDM Monster Mash game Saturday night. As you can imagine, I'm dog tired! BTW we have a facebook group for announcing local IG and D12 fantasy games in the area. If you want to join a growing community playing this home grown game, just let me know.

It was nice to see old friends and make a few new ones too. Gamers can be a really strange bunch. The highlight though had to be the shirt that a gamer girl was wearing. It simply said: "This is what a feminist geek looks like." Nice. Oh, some of you will appreciate the obligatory Jesus shirt, on one side it says, "Jesus saves" On the back is a stylized picture of Buddy Jesus and the words, "but everyone else takes full damage!" Such fun.

Well it is back to the grindstone.

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