Saturday, June 23, 2007

[LIF] Games Galore

I showed up at my bi-weekly dungeon crawl to find an awesome surprise. The DM was parting with a boatload of games, IIRC he is downsizing the house since retiring. Now this wasn't just a few games, there were 6 or 7 players and we rolled off to see who got to pick when, we each had 10 rolls and that still wasn't enough! So I walked out of there with more than a dozen new-to-me games! My best score has to be RoboRally, the previous owner had wonderfully painted the robots too. This is a game simple enough to play with my daughters, and I tried it tonight, it is fun.

I got a number of what are called book shelf games, mostly military simulations. I'll probably not keep too many of those, finding a good home shouldn't be hard. I'm just not into recreating war - we have enough of the real thing already! I like short skirmish games a lot though, and adventure type games. Two of the games I picked up are the board game version of Civilization (with the Advanced set too) and the basic set of Talisman. Rich says Talisman is a great game, so I'm looking forward to trying that one with the kids when they are older.

I also picked up two from the Axis and Allies series. I remember playing these as a teen and liking them, at least the original. I'll probably not bother playing the Fortress America version as I heard it is hard for the US to lose, that sounds too rah rah America for my liking. Besides the US needs to have their arse kicked a bit.

I'd say that there were as many computer games to be given away, but thankfully I dodged that bullet. I find computer games far too addictive, my quality of life is much better without them. Oh and I picked up Trivial Pursuit with an expansion. Sharon wasn't as interested as I thought she'd be so I'll probably just find a new home for that one too. I'm going through the games we have and ditching those we never play. We are a family that loves games, all sorts of games. So it is nice to have a few new ones to throw in the mix. Thanks Ross!

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