Friday, June 01, 2007

[LIF] Eco Tip #1

One of the things that has been frustrating has been finding eco-friendly alternatives for products we use frequently in our home. We are a busy family and it so unfortunately we rely on things like our dishwasher and our vehicle. I posted a while back that we managed to lease a VUE hybrid, and although it is probably the worst of the hybrids, it is better than nothing. Next time we are hoping the plug-in hybrids will be out!

On the cleaning product front we had found one product we really liked and then it was discontinued in Canada. Imagine how frustrating that is. It was a People Against Dirty product, not sure why Shoppers kept their spray products and dropped the dishwasher soap, but they did in Ontario at least. Sharon works for Shoppers and still couldn't get it. The problem with a lot of eco-friendly stuff is that it just does not work as well. It isn't like we can use extra elbow grease in the dishwasher, so I am ecstatic to tell you about our find!

Seventh Generation makes a dishwasher detergent that is non-toxic, chlorine and phosphate free, not tested on animals, free of perfumes and dyes, and get this - it works! In fact it is probably one to the best dishwasher detergents I've used!

We picked it up at Rainbow Foods, it is a bit more expensive than your typical dishwasher detergent, but personally I think having a home planet is worth more than the added cost!

BTW if you have found other really good solutions for the toxic products we keep putting into our drinking water, please let us know.


wilsonian said...

I switched over to Shaklee products about a year ago. They're in the supplement business, and developed a cleaning product division because of the health implications of taking in so many chemicals from cleaning products.

Can't buy it in stores... only online and through distributers. It is a bit expensive to get set up in the beginning, but the stuff lasts! I use the basic cleaning stuff, dishwashing liquid and laundry soap and sheets. Love it.

End of commercial lol (and no, I'm not a distributer).

One of Freedom said...

This is the one time I'm inviting ads Wilsonian. I've heard of Shaklee somewhere? Have to check it out, thanks.