Saturday, February 17, 2007

[RPG] Dungeon Crawl

I started playing in a Dungeon Crawl run by my buddy Richard. We are a massive group of adventurers all at really low levels. We played so late last night that it was just silly. This was the second session I have made it out to, I play a priest of a war god named Marin (the picture is the miniature I use except I repainted his robes orange). I love to shoot my crossbow more than heal up people, so I take lots of buffing* spells and go in loaded for bear. It is great fun as the party tries to convince me that it is more important for me to heal up the front line fighter than it is to take a shot. Fortunately for the party there is another priest who happens to be more into the healing thing. We finished our session at 2AM, mainly because we were in an uber battle at the end of which two of our party lost their lives, despite my occasional breaking down and healing up folks. Finishing at 2AM and remembering that I still needed to get gas before I got home made for little sleep for me. Oh well, this group doesn't meet that often, once every month or so. That meets my quota for gaming this week - now back to reading.

*buffing spells are spells that enhance abilities like making your stronger, better protected or even more attractive.

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