Thursday, August 30, 2012

Service Idea - Pulpit and Ministry Supply Network

Please tell me if there is something like this out there - I'd love to not re-invent the wheel. But from what I can find, other than some denominational lists, there is no relief minister service in my area. I am thinking this might be helpful. Here is the idea, please weigh in.

The service would allow ministers and leaders to offer their services helping out other churches and ministries. It would begin with a collection of some confidential data regarding the relief ministers: such as their denominational affiliation, what services they would be comfortable offering, expected rates, etc. This will be collected through an emailed form (using a locked pdf or some other format). The information will be used to match minsters to opportunities. I am thinking that like other professional service relief organizations the cost model will not impose on the ministers and leaders.

The service possibilities that a church/ministry/individual could request would include (please feel free to suggest others):

  • pulpit supply
  • worship leader supply
  • seminars/workshops/training - speakers, planning, worship, etc. 
  • ministerial mentors - think of counselors for your ministry
  • weddings
  • mystery worshipper - someone who comes as a visitor but gives you a report after the service
  • sermon video taping - as I discovered many preaching jobs ask for video, we would be able to help with that
For each service there would be online forms which would include suggested rates. Rate negotiation would be handled by the network. This is where the cost model would be worked out. I would have churches submit the rate they usually pay a guest speaker (etc.) and match them up with someone who fits their needs and is happy to work at that rate. Having done a fair bit of guest speaking I know the stippends vary quite a bit. I am thinking that this will help churches in a pinch and also connect leaders to congregations in ways that can help them both grow. Win win. 

I'm thinking of starting in the Ottawa area, but I think something like this could easily grow beyond Ottawa. 


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