Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lovers of Truth?

What does it mean to be a lover of truth? 

Does it mean we love statements that seem to validate the veracity of our own tightly held beliefs no matter how questionable the statements might be? (ie. accepting statements attributed to historical persons without verifying if those persons actually made the statements at all.)

Does it mean we close off all sources of knowledge that might possibly contain false, false according to our own ideologies, claims? (ie. refusing to listen to 'secular' media to find out what is happening in the world or only reading theologians who share your presuppositions.)


Does it mean we love the pursuit of truth trusting that if God is Truth then God is in the search?

How we answer these questions will decide if we are lovers of truth or lovers of feeling like we are right:

  • One is a position of courageous faith - willing to risk it all to find God and the other is the false hope that if we shut our eyes then all our assumptions will keep us safe. 
  • One recognizes that God, like Mr. Beaver says of Aslan, is good but not safe (tame) and the other is an effort to domesticate God. 
  • One lays its own tightly held beliefs down before God the other makes idols out of ideas.
  • One says we trust God wherever God leads and the other already knows where they are going (regardless of if God is leading). 
  • One is willing to be continually transformed by the encounter of God and the other has set up a camp at the base of the mount of transfiguration ready to camp on their own interpretation of events rather than listen to Jesus alone. (Mark 9:5-8)
Something to think about.

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