Thursday, June 16, 2011

Course Prep

Slow start today, but time for a quick post. I just submitted my required and recommended texts for both Fall courses.

For Introduction to Theology I chose:
  • Stone, Howard & Duke, James, How to Think Theologically (Fortress, 1996)
  • Ormerod, Neil, Introducing Contemporary Theologies (Orbis, 1997)
  • Recommended: Moltmann, Jürgen, Experiences in Theology (Fortress, 2000)
My focus in this course will be methodology. I'm also starting to line up speakers who will come in for up to 30 minutes and share how they do theology within their area of specialty.

For Christian Spirituality I chose:
  • David Perrin, Studying Christian Spirituality (Routledge, 2007)
  • Jean Vanier, Becoming Human (Anansi, 1998)
  • Recommended: Ramón Matínez de Pison, God: From Knowing to Experiencing (Novalis, 2009)
This course is really easy to put together. Perrin's book is a great guide for the first part of the course, but for the reconstructive bit I'm turning to Vanier.

I've gathered all the books I need to prep for these courses. August I'll put together the first 4-5 sessions as outlines with PowerPoint slide decks.


steven hamilton said...

looking like a great course, judging from the resources...lover the Vanier and Moltmann!

razors for men said...
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